UH-1H (Arrow Falcon) S/N 68-15731 For Sale

Australian Aerospace Engineering is proud to offer this 1969 model UH-1H helicopter, located in Albury NSW. The aircraft is serial number 68-15731 with total time of 7,364 hours. The aircraft is structurally excellent, making good power and is ready to work. We have an overhauled transmission available as well as a spare engine.

The aircraft has had a history of operation on fire suppression and fertilising and as such has provisions for these tasks. However, AAE can configure the aircraft to your requirements. We brought the aircraft into the country in 2000 and have enjoyed the capabilities this aircraft has to offer. But, it’s time we gave her a new home. We will consider all serious offers.

For further details on runouts, history, configuration, and fitout options available, please contact Adam Johnston on +61 2 60262614 or email aaepl@austaerospace.com

Aircraft Details

  • YOM: 1969
  • Serial Number: 68-15731
  • Total Time: 7364
  • Registration: VH-UHH
  • Engine: Lycoming T53-L-13B
  • Configuration: Utility
  • Location: Australia, NSW
  • Type Certificate Holder: Arrow Falcon
  • COA: Valid & compliant with all CASA, FAA and Arrow Falcon AD’s and ASB’s.


  • Cargo mirrors & flashing lights
  • Mechanical Specialties cargo hook & load cell
  • Foamer, sacksafoam controller & siren
  • Particle separator
  • DART engine mount kit
  • Belly strobe light
  • Dual controls
  • Spare 42 deg gearboxes
  • Floor and hell hole protectors
  • 12VDC outlet
  • Wire strike protection system
  • Aux fuel tank available if required
  • Ground handling wheels available if required
  • 2 x bambi bucket
  • Auxilary hydraulic pack


  • Bendix King KLX135A VHF
  • Bendix King KY155 VHF
  • 2 x KMA24H audio panel
  • CB/UHF
  • E band radio (Parks)
  • A Band trunk radio
M/R Transmission108.8OH
Main Generator185.7INS
Control Bolts217.5RET
Mast Bearing273.8RET
Turbo Blower335.7RET
Swashplate Assy385.7OH
Scissor & Sleeve385.7OH
Bearing T/R Driveshaft No 1485.7RET
Bearing T/R Driveshaft No 2485.7RET
Bearing T/R Driveshaft No 3485.7RET
Bearing T/R Driveshaft No 4520.2RET
Straps (due now – calendar expiry)0RET
90 deg Gearbox723.6OH
42 deg Gearbox763.3OH
Scissor Assembly813.2RET
T/R Blades817.5RET
M/R Hub Assy827.5OH
M/R Yoke827.5RET
Mast Assy906.7OH
XMSN Input Quill906.7OH
Elevator R/H1256.1RET
Elevator L/H1307.1RET
M/R Hub IB & OB Fittings & Pins1018.0RET
T/R Yoke1067.7RET
T/R Blade Grips1139.7RET
M/R Blades1144.4RET
T/R Hub Assy1385.7OH
Scissor Assy1708.8RET
Collective Lever1783.2RET
Main Driveshaft1890.2RET
Drag Brace Clevis2012.0RET
Horn Assy2190.2RET
Elevator Horn Assy2193.2RET
T/R Slider Assy2632.7RET
Swashplate Support2651.8RET
Collective Lever2957.4RET
Engine Assembly1312.2OH
Torquemeter Pump1663.2OH
VIGV Actuator1663.2OH
Bleed Band Actuator1663.2OH
Impeller Centrifugal22112.2RET
Impeller Centrifugal Cyc11363.5RET
Disc 2nd Stage P.T.23912.2RET
Disc 2nd Stage P.T. Cyc5663.5RET
Disc 1st Stage P.T.23912.2RET
Disc 1st Stage P.T. Cyc24163.5RET
1st GP Seal Disc23912.2RET
1st GP Seal Disc Cyc5712.5RET
Disc 1st Stage G.P.23912.2RET
Disc 1st Stage G.P. Cyc8812.5RET
Disc 2nd Stage G.P.23912.2RET
Disc 2nd Stage G.P. Cyc8812.5RET
Spacer G.P.22112.2RET
Spacer G.P. Cyc2212.5RET
Shaft Front Comp22112.2RET
Shaft Front Comp Cyc22363.5RET
Shaft Rear Comp24263.2RET
Shaft Rear Comp Cyc24514.5RET
Shaft Main Power22112.2RET
Shaft Main Power Cyc22363.5RET
Spacer P.T.24263.2RET
Spacer P.T. Cyc24514.5RET
Comp Rotor Sub Assy17917.2RET
Comp Rotor Sub Assy Cyc9668.5RET
Fuel Regulator1663.2OH
Overspeed Gov1663.2OH
Starter Gen1263.2OH

More Information

For further details on runouts, history, configuration, and fitout options available, please contact Adam Johnston on +61 2 60262614 or email aaepl@austaerospace.com